NEW! - desktop client makes intelligent document automation accessible to all

Extracting meaning from your documents has become even easier with the development of the desktop client – a hyper-agile gateway to intelligent document automation. Available from us as a fully-managed or self administered service, we can help you save money, become more responsive to your customers, and free up your employees to work more intelligently.

The Aluma platform reliably classifies any document, turns unstructured content into actionable data, redacts sensitive information, navigates to key data within PDFs and OCRs large numbers of scanned documents with lightning speed..

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Aluma: Intelligent document automation in the cloud

“We tested Aluma to understand and classify 100,000 unseen documents on behalf of our customer.  We were able to train and process them all in 2 hours.  No other tested product could do this…”

Charta Porta is a leader in delivering advanced document automation technology. We remove all barriers to adoption by delivering a fully-tailored and supported service in hours or days, not weeks or months.

ChartaPorta have worked with leading document and process outsourcers to drive down costs and take on increasingly ambitious projects on behalf of their customers.  These projects include automated redaction of medical records, classification and coding, Subject Access Requests and GDPR compliance.

Core foundations:

● Powerful combination of machine learning and pragmatic automation techniques

● Market-leading speed and accuracy

● Highly scalable microservices-based architecture

● A combination of pre-configured modules and self-learning AI gets jobs up and running in MINUTES

● Flexibility in integration to get the functionality where it’s needed

● High security, including options to run in-country or self-host

The service is in use in many sectors, from defence to finance to healthcare, processing hundreds of millions of documents a year accurately, reliably and quickly.