Document Automation Services

How to “work outside the box”

Save time and money by using the latest in cloud-based document automation. Available as either a fully configured and managed service, or with options for you to become self-sufficient, this service typically accelerates the start of our customer's business processes by up to 95%

One-off projects

One-off projects can be set up in hours, using cloud-based AI that bridges the gap between legacy on-premise solutions, and inflexible “deep learning” systems.

Create Searchable PDF’s

Create Searchable PDF’s, add bookmarks and split PDF Documents.

Search for valuable information

Scour your documents for valuable information, find Personally Identifiable Information from Terabytes of content.

Migrate your data

Migrate your data from legacy systems and shared drives.

Enhance document management

Enhance record and document management with classification-led retention policies

We tested Aluma to understand and classify 100,000 unseen documents on behalf of our customer. We were able to train and process them all in 2 hours. No other tested product could do this.

Ongoing services

We offer a range of secure, tailored services that include the following capabilities:

Invoice Data Extraction

Invoice Data Extraction and transfer, including line items and international invoices

Digitalise your mailroom

Digitise your mailroom with automated document classification, routing, prioritisation and indexing.

Document redaction

What you can extract, you can redact for Subject Access or Freedom of Information Requests. Delivered interactively or as a complete managed service.

Previously, indexing our documents into FileHold Document Management System was time consuming and often inaccurate using another data capture software, taking many hours of my team's time

ChartaPorta now provides a managed service that monitors folders for new files for processing, and automatically gets them imported to FileHold with the accurate metadata and minimum human intervention.

Now, we are looking at other document schemas/types so my team can take on new business and better support our growing client list.


We work with several the leading Independent Software Vendors

We work with several the leading Independent Software Vendors and their customers to accelerate document-based processes, improving efficiency and enhancing customer responsiveness. Here are a few we are proud to support.

CCube Solutions

We have helped CCube solutions to develop tight API integrations that automate document import, enrich existing documents, and simplify search and management of content in their leading EDRMS.


Doc-works have incorporated the aluma invoice processing service into their leading Invoices to Pay Accounts Payable system.

Macro 4

Macro 4 is a Charta Porta partner who have added powerful document automation to their Columbus DW suite of document orchestration products.


We are working with a FileHold customer to automate document ingestion of complex and important document types – error and effort-free.