“Many of our back office processes were not fit for purpose. Chartaporta worked at our pace to help us make the changes we needed.”

Consultancy Services

Too many times IT-related projects can fail or not fully meet their objectives because of unforeseen events, that in hindsight could have been avoided.  Our aim is to use our vendor-side experience to help you avoid many of the pitfalls that can befall a poorly validated project and assistance in all aspects of project implementation.  These services consist of carefully-defined and agreed engagements including:


Project feasibility and procurement support:

Reviewing and validating Realistic health check of your organisations readiness to adopt new processes, and a validation of the associated procurement process.


Project validation:

Assessment services to minimise project risk. Ensures management buy-in with a valid business case, that budget and resources are in place, that the project’s Governance, Risk and Compliance have been evaluated, and that project risks have been fully assessed and mitigated.


Deployment Support:

large high impact projects can mean significant change to the user community, and make winning hearts and minds to new ways of working vitally important. We help organise educational programmes and ensure active buy-in from the system participants.


New ways of working:

Improving and accelerating customer responsiveness, Social Media, Bring Your Own Device, Service-based optimisation, hybrid and externally-based services, digital transformation and data migration.