Document Lifecycle, Print Management and Contract Negotiation

“The challenge was to find single european print supplier that would provide a fixed cost contract, a reduction in devices and a path to continuous improvement.

ChartaPorta worked closely with our tender panel team to provide guidance, advice and a precision focus on our objectives, which I am delighted to say were all met.

I would not hesitate to use ChartaPorta again and would thoroughly recommend them to anyone who is looking at undertaking a printer or MFD project.”

Managed Print Service Contract Negotiation (MPS)

The costs of printing

Visible Hard Costs – e.g. hardware, consumables and maintenance
IT Support & Infrastructure – e.g. helpdesk, training and networks
Administration & Purchasing – e.g. ordering, billing and supplier management
Document Production – e.g. end user time and effort
Document Management – e.g. filing, storage and electronic capture

Many organisations are unaware that visible costs represent just 20% of the total. This is why industry experts often refer to “the hidden costs of printing”. Research shows the average organisation may be spending as much as £9000 per employee each year on printing*.

* Research from ALL Associates Group, Inc

Due to the sheer variety of devices and consumables, purchasing in this category can be haphazard and even random! Our review is comprehensive and pain-free. Anticipate worthwhile “unseen cost” process savings. We collate data from supplier management reports and then align this to industry bench-marking.

In securing cost reductions we act as a totally independent consultant. We do not have preferred suppliers; we obtain quotations from your current provider as well as carefully-matched potential suppliers if appropriate; being mindful that any pricing revision is not to the detriment of the service the client is receiving.

We appreciate that internal resources can be constrained by other priorities and projects. Let ChartaPorta provide this piece of work for you so all you have to do is review the recommendations.

How Do We Do It?


We conduct a tailored audit to analyse your purchasing volumes and patterns. We look at page volumes, cost per page as well as any fixed charges, page volume commitments and hardware leasing arrangements that you might have in place. We also take a look at any potential savings to be gained from the “hidden cost of printing”, whether that’s process or document based.

The audit data is acquired from suppliers’ management reports; only occasionally do we require purchase invoices. Because minimal work takes place within your offices, normal activities remain uninterrupted.


Your Audit Report contains a series of recommendations complete with a schedule of implementation. The report defines your current service processes and costs, pinpoints weaknesses, and highlights opportunities for improvement. The financial implications are defined and clearly laid out. We respect your existing supplier relationships — indeed, we often use our knowledge to help suppliers source at more competitive prices and pass those savings through to the client. In the majority of cases there is no need to change suppliers to achieve savings.


In securing cost reductions we act as a totally independent consultant. We do not have preferred suppliers; we obtain quotations from your current suppliers and will only go to market if the client requests further bench-marking and analysis.


So confident are we in our ability to save you money and improve productivity that there is no fee paid to ChartaPorta until the you, the client, agrees that the deliverables are achievable.


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