I’ve long been an advocate of an apparently new “next big thing in IT” – end user IT analytics.  Our research led us to one particular product in this space – Nexthink, to the point that we now partner with this organisation and are consistently gratified by the ways in which customers have taken the product, run with it, and derive huge benefits from it’s adoption.

One of the most compelling examples of this is from Joanna Smith – until recently, the CIO of the Royal Brompton and Harlow NHS Trust. Her video, describing the journey to Nexthink adoption and the benefits they accrued is one of the most compelling I’ve seen.


One of the slides Joanna described got me thinking (about four minutes in):  among approaching 800 data points that Nexthink gather, a large number include print behaviour exhibited by the end user community.  it was fascinating to see that, among the print estate:

  • almost 50% of all print jobs are sent to local printers
  • Less than 9% of print jobs are double-sided
  • 75% of print is in colour
  • A high percentage of printers are used less than 5 times per week

These are interesting statistics, that demonstrate a print-using community ripe for further investigation.  Many organisations using Nexthink are collecting this information, but may be unaware of the significant cost saving, service improvements and process optimisation that is implicit in this window into their user’s printing behaviour.  They may not know how to start on the journey of print and process optimisation.  They may be unaware that Nexthink has an integrated capability to ensure that employee sentiment can be continually gathered before, during, and after changes to the printer estate, ensuring that the user community is informed of changes and their views taken into account.

As both Nexthink partners, and Print and Process optimisation professionals, we feel uniquely able to help the Nexthink user community to lessen their environmental impact, realise rapid cost benefits and maybe most importantly, keep the end user happy through the process.


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