Fast, fully automated indexing is now available for all FileHold users.

We worked with FileHold to enhance and automate the indexing of documents into their class-leading Electronic Document Management system (EDM).

Fast, fully automated indexing is now available for all FileHold users.

Among Fileholds’ many customers are those who have extremely complex and important documents, requiring considerable time to accurately index into FileHold. We were invited to demonstrate how we could configure the aluma intelligent document processing service to integrate with Filehold and completely automate the indexing process.

FileHold Enterprise-grade Electronic Document Management system

FileHold is an enterprise-grade Electronic Document Management system available as Express, Enterprise and Cloud versions. Available on a subscription or perpetual licence model, FileHold is a highly effective, integrated, and fully-featured solution that has formed the information management backbone to many thousands of organisations in virtually every industry.

Configured and managed service

Using a secure desktop utility to integrate with aluma’s cloud-based service, we provide a configured and managed service that removes the mistakes and delays to indexing many thousands of documents annually.

This improves accuracy, removes delays, free up valuable staff and enhances the compliance for this FileHold customer – a highly regulated financial services organisation.

Custom configuration

Each document type is custom configured to match standard metadata fields defined in FileHold, ensuring reliable and consistent indexing that meet the rules for importation.

Easy Setup

Setting up the service requires very little time and expense and no technical resources from the customer.

Confident metadata extractions

The service uses standard import methods created and supported by FileHold, and ensures that all required metadata is confidently extracted, even from unstructured documents with inconsistent or variably-located index information

A lights-out and secure integration

Since the service is entirely cloud-based, the only installation required is for the aluma desktop client – a lights-out and secure integration to the customers indexing configuration.