“Of course, we can provide you a Managed Print Service that caters for your every need”? (now let me sell you want I want to sell you)

Today’s MPS market is dominated by the major hardware manufacturers who are driving and defining the customer MPS requirement. In many engagements that I have been involved with, it’s the same supplier who conducts the initial assessment, design and delivery of the service.

MPS has become a supplier, rather than customer lead engagement.

Is the result an offering where customers are controlled and lead by suppliers? in which case, how do customers get to gain the full benefits available from an MPS and stay in control of their original vision? …. Now, there’s a question…


MPS Service Definition

The Managed Print Services Association (MPSA) define MPS as ‘the active management and optimisation of document output devices and related business processes’.

The key words within this definition are ‘active management’.  Many organisations still have a printing infrastructure that has grown organically over many years based on local tactical decisions and individual user’s demands.  This invariably leads to a sub-optimal print infrastructure with high overall cost of ownership.

At Charta Porta we have a truly independent approach to the knowledge share of best practice for MPS. Our advice is free of the shackles of the hardware manufacturers and thus creative in its approach to solving the problems that customers face when considering an MPS for their business.

Contact us today at info@chartaporta.com and be just one email away from a step closer to your vision..





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