Charta Porta work in the legal sector, ensuring that corporate information and associated processes are efficient and compliant.

Maintain advantage over your peers by using your investment in technology to gain competitive advantage, and build on the best trends in industry to retain customers and win more panel business. The services and technologies we have researched are proving their value in the financial services industry.  We believe they have a place in the legal industry.

The disruptive innovations presented below have been carefully evaluated and curated for their ease of adoption, and rapid positive impact.

Our services are based on real-world practical experience to enhance efficiency, improve compliance and maximise fee-earning time.

Disruptive Innovation

User-centric IT Infrastructure and Service Management – Nexthink

Automated Data and Document Intelligence – CloudHub360

Compliant remote advice – SuiteBox


Print Optimisation

Digital Mailroom

Electronic Document and Record Management

Imaging/Document Workflow

General Data Protection Regulation heatmap

Unstructured document transformation and enhancement

Disruptive Innovation

Next Generation IT Service Management – Nexthink

Improve IT Productivity, Reduce IT Costs, and enhance company reputation through a new approach to IT Service Management.  Nexthink collects all information from every end-user device in real time and provides the control to instantly transform, repair and secure all your endpoints.

Law firms continue to evolve through mergers and divestments, making the maintenance of a coherent IT infrastructure a challenge.  Nexthink approaches fault resolution from the point of view of the user, fee-earner or partner, ensuring that IT enjoy unprecedented user satisfaction feedback and improved service levels.

The modular platform gives you the ability to manage the full employee digital experience cycle from issue detection to employee engagement to resolution straight from your screen.

An additional level of compliance is assured through live, automated and near real-time collection of IT-related data into your Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

Threats, obsolete equipment, unpatched software and network bottlenecks can be proactively resolved before becoming expensive issues.

CloudHub360 – Automated Data and Document Intelligence

In 1998 Merrill Lynch concluded that 80-90% of all potentially useful corporate information exists in unstructured format. Two characteristic of unstructured data is that it is not always consistent, and tends to be challenging to find and reuse. If it can’t be easily found, this “dark information” can become not only unusable, but also a risk to the business.  Cloudhub360 allows an organisation to use cloud-based artificial intelligence to automate the classification and labelling of unstructured and little-understood information that exists on Local Drives, File Shares, email systems and even content management systems such as iManage, OpenText, or SharePoint.  It thereby supports a data curation function allowing the removal of redundant, obsolete and duplicate (ROT) information, while making this information more usable to the business.

It is especially useful for larger, more established organisations under increasing pressure to regain control of their information, and is also very relevant to outsourcing organisations seeking to minimise the internal cost of processing their customer’s information.  A fully documented API and Software Development Kit allows for rapid configuration of the required input sources and destinations.  This technology has an obvious place in the GDPR strategy of certain organisations.

Taking control of your corporate information – CloudHub360


Accurately classify documents based on their textual content or visual layout. Auto-learning of document features & auto-tuning for maximum accuracy.


Locate and extract key data based on its format and relationship to the surrounding content, and even capture tabular data.


The first intelligent document processing service that scales as you do – built for the cloud, private or public.


Building a classifier takes only minutes, vastly reducing your up-front configuration and total lifetime configuration costs.


Process scanned images, electronic documents and emails identically. Use our HTTP API from anywhere in your workflow, from any language and any environment.


Process an entire record of related documents, identify its structure, add bookmarks and make it easy to find the information you need

Compliant remote advice – SuiteBox

SuiteBox allows lawyers to deliver legal advice immediately, record all or part of a meeting, store sensitive material and recordings, and sign documents in a secure portal. SuiteBox is one of many capabilities we are advocating for law firms, which have been proven in the financial services industry.  The completed meeting components are stored as one entity which are automatically exported to key environments like HighQ or iManage.  Since this is a SaaS environment, barriers to adoption and risk are minimised.   This is one of several cloud-architected services we believe could help retain customers and use technology to win new panel business.

SuiteBox is a pre-integrated combination of different functionalities necessary to undertake remote document and identity processes face-to-face over a pane of glass of the user’s choice. It’s also turning the advisory and compliance sections of the Customer Communications Management market on its head with its unparalleled capacity to facilitate fast, secure and convenient personal communications.


Print Optimisation

We can help you understand your current position and define your requirements. We can support the procurement of the MPS including supplier selection. We can lead the deployment using our project and change management expertise. We can assist with on-going contract management and continual service improvement. We consider all elements of your print environment.
In summary, we can support you through the full lifecycle of your MPS engagement and ensure you gain the maximum benefits.

Our full service offering is available on request: please contact us.

Digital Mailroom, Electronic Document and Record Management, Imaging/Document Workflow, Data Preservation

Legal firms have a responsibility for the long term preservation of their corporate memory.  In the age of paper, this was well-understood and managed.  With the advent of “born digital” documents, paper has taken a less central role in day-to-day business interactions, losing out to the agility and efficiency of digital interactions.

However, new channels of interaction do not mean that the older means of interaction disappear. The challenge, then, is to maintain a long-term unified approach to the management of all information assets.

ChartaPorta support customers to develop a unified approach to data-driven business processes, where the content is key, not it’s format.

General Data Protection Regulation heatmap

  • One size does NOT fit all – GDPR is almost certain to impact your organisation in a way unique to you
  • Through a tailored process of controlled duration, we identify key areas of risk and suggest actions specific to you
  • Making improvements to the way business is done, specific to your people, processes and infrastructure