..or how one engineer designed and built an integrated Accounts Payable process in 2 hours!

Users of IT services in large organisations are becoming increasingly demanding. The arrival of intuitive and powerful consumer apps and devices has led users to question why the tools and services made available in their work life are not as simple to use.

IT vendors have responded by extending the range and capabilities of their systems, but at a price: Additional capabilities often mean extra complexity, cost, extended time to adoption, and confusing user interfaces. Automation of processes becomes possible but usually only within the scope of the product, or using expensive and limited integral app development environments.

We’ve been advocates of Waives (waives.io) for a couple of years now – an online capability that can interpret any unstructured, unknown content presented to it. However, as a true service, it doesn’t have end user interfaces – it is consumed by systems and environments that do. Elisabeth Belisle, the UK channel manager for AgilePoint, and I wondered what it would take to integrate the AgilePoint app environment with the Waives pre-configured invoice extraction Knowledge Set.

The approval screen showing extracted values and captured invoice (stored in Box)

It took an AgilePoint helpdesk engineer just 2 hours to configure a working invoice approval environment that used Waives to extract invoice information and embed it into an approval process. This included integration with Box as a document repository.

The engineer took a look at the well-documented waives API, then configured the integration:

REST Config 1

then configured the mapping..

mapping fields using auto-mapping feature..

Then created an invoice approval flow..

Invoice approval workflow canvas

The forms used will auto-format for the device used:

Screen showing task list (smartphone)

If you combine these two capabilities, the opportunities for innovation are virtually limitless. Some examples that we’re working on include:

  • joiners and leavers,
  • expense processing,
  • matching skills with project requirements,
  • medical record processing (including clinical coding),
  • Personally Identifiable Information discovery

AgilePoint and Waives are both true cloud-based capabilities, with try before you buy options available today. We would be delighted to support you in getting started to achieve your operational outcomes.

AgilePoint – https://agilepoint.com/products/platform/agilepoint-nx-defined/

Waives – https://waives.io

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