A $5000 dollar browser app that could break the internet?

What if, as part of the GDPR process currently generating so many dramatic headlines, someone developed a browser app that could automatically send a request for the return of all your personally identifiable information held by a site owner at the press of an orange button?

Mock up showing request, delete buttons.. other websites are available!

Behind the red button would be a request to be forgotten by the data owner and all associated information processors. I’ll bet not many of these data aggregators would be geared up to handle that… Google are though

Embellishments could include a dashboard showing non-respondents in order of delinquency, with the option to alert the appropriate Data Protection Authority.  Robotic Process Automation (RPA) could be used to harvest the database of email contacts for each site, as well as storing the text content for the equiry/delete orders.

Of course someone may have already developed this – if so, let me know!

Thoughts? Comments?

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